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Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Vans

The Honda Odyssey VMI wheelchair van conversion is the industry's best side entry, lowered floor premium wheelchair accessible minivan. The Honda Odyssey has been handed down many awards, including the IntelliChoice "Best Overall Van of the Year". By taking the best-in-class minivan and modifying it with the finest wheelchair accessible conversion available; we are giving you the best of both worlds. The Honda Odyssey packs a 244-hp engine that propels it to the head of the class; and the latest innovative Honda engineering at its core. The VMI conversions have long been viewed as the leader in the side-entry, lowered floor wheelchair accessible van industry for both quality and reliability, and is time tested with over 16 years of service.
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Northstar Accessible Van Conversion

Honda Odyssey MinivansHonda Odyssey Northstar Interior

Our Northstar lowered floor wheelchair accessible minivan represents the culmination of our forward thinking philosophy: a power in-floor ramp offers open, unrestricted entry and exit as well as greater interior maneuverability. A one-touch remote allows effortless ramp deployment at your fingertips while our PowerKneel™ gives you a lower ramp angle, making access easier. There are many seating options for both wheelchair users and other passengers, with our removable front seat bases. The SURE DEPLOY™ electronic primary back up system gives the customer a simple way to operate the VMI Northstar in-floor ramp when the standard electronic control system is not functioning, or there is a total loss of power to the vehicle. When properly implemented, innovative thinking is communicated from design to final product with nothing getting lost in translation.

There are many seating options for both wheelchair users and other passengers, with our removable front seat bases. The Honda Odyssey with a VMI wheelchair van conversion floor plan creates more wheelchair maneuvering space than any other premium minivan on the market today. The spare tire is stored inside the vehicle on the driver's side wall of the rear hatch which leaves more cargo room. Other aesthetic features include plastic style inserts and interior matching ramp color.

Standard in every Honda Odyssey with the VMI Northstar Minivan Conversion:

  • Power in-floor ramp with non-skid surfaceHonda Inventory
  • 11" lowered floor
  • Maximum interior headroom
  • Power door with easy manual operation
  • Complete undercoating and rust proofing
  • Emergency wheelchair ramp release
  • The PowerKneel™ System
  • Removable front seat bases
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty
  • Manual wheelchair tie-down system
  • Fully crash tested
  • Fully carpeted seat bases
  • Lower ramp angle
  • Remote control entry
  • SURE DEPLOY™ primary backup system
  • Optional Rubberized Flooring Available
  • More Headroom
  • Lower Wheelchair Ramp Angle
  • More Interior Room

Summit Handicap Conversion Van

Honda Odyssey MinivansVMI Summit Honda Odyssey

The fold-out ramp on this wheelchair van is new and improved for the Honda Odyssey. For those customers looking for a fold out ramp system in one of the finest minivans available, look no further, the Honda Odyssey with the Summit conversion is here. In a recent focus group, this wheelchair van was preferred by more than 4 to 1 when compared to the leading competitor’s fold-out ramp system.

Honda Odyssey with the VMI Summit conversion features:

Standard in every Honda Odyssey with the VMI Summit Conversion:

Rear Entry Handicap Vans and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Auto Mobility Sales has the Viewpoint Vision conversion on Honda Odyssey rear entry handicap vans from Viewpoint Mobility. This unique handicap conversion van offers several different seating configurations. Because the wheelchair loads through a wheelchair ramp at the rear of the lowered floor minivan, an attendant can ride next to the passenger using a wheelchair. Parking is also easier because you don't need to worry about being "stuck" in between other vehicles in a parking lot.

Rear Entry Handicap Vans

Add Mobility Products to your Accessible Rear Entry Handicap Van

A transfer seat or hand controls can easily be installed, and the service staff at Auto Mobility Sales will ensure everything is to your satisfaction. Auto Mobility Sales is your source for wheelchair vans and handicap accessible vehicles in SE Florida--Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami, Dade, and Monroe. The Vision™ is a rear-entry, lowered floor modification that is seamlessly engineered to make Honda minivans as barrier-free as possible. At Viewpoint Mobility, our vision is your freedom. A Vision™-equipped minivan can take you and your loved ones anywhere without compromising comfort, safety or style.

Financing A Honda Odyssey Mobility Vehicle

Auto Mobility Sales provides complete, one-stop service to our customers that includes wheelchair financing assistance (up to ten years without any prepayment penalty fees), extended service contract protection and more. Lease Financing - Short-term, closed-end and easy-termination leases for wheelchair vans are available. Commercial handicap van leases are also available. Contact us today!

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